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I've grown up traveling the country and I enjoy meeting people and learning new things. I don't know that I'm particularly old but my perspective has changed over the years and I only ever hear old people say that.

Specific Things I Think We Can Do That Will Help

So, specific things I think we can do – the primary goal I think is to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. While there are millions of guns in the country only a handful are used in violent … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Gun Control and Violence

I’ve been against gun control all my life, it’s part of an overall belief that people are very reasonable and less government regulation is better than more. The recent clamor for gun control legislation has caused me to think more … Continue reading

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File Sharers Buy More Music

An article about a recently released study into the purchasing habits of music collectors had some interesting results. It concluded those who swap music are also the largest purchasers of music. Googling around showed a number of other studies with … Continue reading

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iPhone vs Android

The conversation about these two phones reminded me of the paper “The Cathedral and the Bazar” argument all over again. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this paper explores the difference in developing software. The cathedral is closed source … Continue reading

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The End of the Non-Stick Pan

Years ago we laid out a bunch of money on name brand non-stick cookware (Calphalon). We’ve been traveling and hard on our non-stick pans so they are starting to wear and chip. Originally we bought non-stick because we were frustrated … Continue reading

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My Page

I’m Keith and this is my page. It’s not much to look at now and it may not be much different in the future. I want to learn about WordPress an have a place to play with it. There might … Continue reading

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Harddrive Upgrade

I have a Macbook Pro that’s a few years old and when I bought it 250 GB sounded like a big hard drive. I’ve started running out of room on it and I’m no where near ready to buy another … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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