I’m Not a Geek or Anything

So we don’t buy traditional tourist collectables when we travel, it’s a sticker for the laptop or something specific to the country. These are what we picked up for Costa Rica. We want to do more international cooking and all of the recipes are in metric, this will help bridge the gap for us.


I feel ignorant in that I only speak a very broken Spanish, so we’re also going to label everything in the kitchen in French and Spanish. It might be a tough year but I’m hoping to be able to speak reasonably when we go to Spain.   

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    Veronica Klosiewski says:

    Labeling everything is a good idea, but make sure you know which is French and which is Spanish…. Some of the words might look close to the same. Have fun learning.

    • We were going to use the blue masking tape from our painting adventures. We were trying to figure out what the other color would be that was cheap enough – then color code them!

      Veronica Klosiewski says:

      How is your language learning going? You’ve had four months now.

    • The time passed and we never labeled everything, went to Spain and really didn’t use any Spanish. Most of the people we met spoke very good English – better than my Spanish for sure. The next try is some flash cards or something for food in Japan – that trip is coming up in a few weeks.

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