Odd Things Annoy Me

I’m looking for a job again and I’ve come across Taleo applications again. I used to just close the browser and not apply for the job if it required completing the app on Taleo. I’m trying to get over that and it’s actually has gotten a bit better. There are still two of my pet peeves in the app however.

They ask for location and you can’t just type it in, you have to select from a pre-populated set of options. It’s divided by country and state which works fine, but then there is this section labeled region. This isn’t the county – which I would expect but a listing of cities with some un-officially named areas thrown in. A few of the locations I have to choose aren’t available to be chosen and the field is required so I have to pick a random city not really near the correct location. I wish there was a box near the affirmation that I’ve completed the form accurately so I could say ‘except for the locations I can’t choose correctly’.

The required nature of the field is the other pet peeve I have. If you have a required field and you have a little red asterisk next to the required fields – don’t leave one out. Mark all of the fields that are required as such.

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