Speed Test at Pensacola Beach RV Resort


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Speed Test from Aloft Hotel in Tampa

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My Speed Test at Camp Lake Jasper

Hardeeville, SC



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Speed Test at Pirates Campground in Myrtle Beach



<a href=”http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3913794152″><img src=”http://www.speedtest.net/result/3913794152.png” /></a>


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Test K-9 Vest Post


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My signal test results (osmtest)

Just tested AT&T in San Antonio, TX, USA: dl, 7.25Mbps ul, 138ms ping, 4.4 bars. See the detailed results at: http://j.mp/1oOvO7x – validated by http://opensignal.com

I’m not sure how this will work but thought I’d start playing with paying speed tests. This is for the Starbucks here.

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I was here: View of Higgins Avenue


I thought you might find this interesting, too.

*It’s your world, explore it.*: http://fieldtripper.com

This is a test to see how the share works.  Very cool idea.

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My signal test results (osmtest)

Just tested AT&T in San Antonio, TX, USA: dl, 7.25Mbps ul, 138ms ping, 4.4 bars. See the detailed results at: http://j.mp/1oOvO7x – validated by http://opensignal.com

This is at the Starbucks. I’m trying to decide if it’s going to be helpful to post these.

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Test 2

Still testing

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Specific Things I Think We Can Do That Will Help

So, specific things I think we can do – the primary goal I think is to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. While there are millions of guns in the country only a handful are used in violent crimes and reducing that number is the most valuable proposition.

These steps are predicated on some assumptions, if you don’t agree with these assumptions we can discuss them separately.

  • Firearms are multi-generation heirlooms I personally have a handgun from World War 2 that’s still in shooting condition.
  • Criminals already facing felony charges for their profession don’t mind adding a felony charge for possession of a weapon, however law abiding businesses aren’t interested in losing their licenses or facing criminal chargers.
  • Roughly three out of four homicides are committed with weapons other than firearms. The news has focused on guns as being the problem but the lack of community and respect for others is at the root of this remaining violence.
  • None of the rights in the bill of rights are necessary. Our founding fathers wrote the bill of rights to differentiate us from the other nations in the world. The freedom to assemble, from unreasonable search and seizure, to privacy, to not incriminate yourself. These are things that people in other countries live without every day, you don’t want these protections, and are afraid to live around people with these protections – move to one of those countries. 

1. Background checks for everyone buying a weapon or ammunition no exceptions. This should be in the form of an authorization card much like a driver’s license. All gun transfers have to go through a Class 3 FFL dealer. I don’t agree the federal government maintaining a database of gun owners so that plays into the next step.

2. Transferring a weapon to someone unqualified to receive one should be a serious crime (felony) and should be prosecuted. This includes un-intentional transfers i.e. theft.

3. FFL dealers have to maintain a database of all the transactions they process. When an investigation demands researching a specific weapon those dealers should be able to respond to the request for information on the purchaser of the weapon. This would go for ammunition as well which brings me to.

3. Tag ammunition sold with chaff containing an individual serial number. Tasers currently contain serialized chaff, the life span on ammunition is much shorter than on firearms. FFL’s would be able to identify the purchaser of ammunition used in a shooting which should make it easier to track the incident back to a perpetrator or the person who sold the ammunition to the perpetrator.

4. Mental health care needs to be free for most people and mandatory for recovering criminals. The word free also includes free from repercussions. Hiring decisions, driving privileges, government assistance needs to be blind to the request or reception of mental health care. Until this is ubiquitous and without concern it won’t be 100% effective.

5. I’ve left the most serious step for the last. We need to make an effort to teach children the art of mediation. This provides the most effective and and lasting solution to the problem of violence. Until our citizens are confident and un-afraid we won’t make any progress in reducing violent-crime, however we might expend a tremendous effort and destroy many lives.

If we could implement these steps I think we’d see the change we want to see in our nation. This isn’t an election time change or a one year metric, this is a generational change and I think we could see a significant change in a generation.  My hope would be our children at our age solving other problems wondering why ‘gun control’ was such a big deal to us.

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