The End of the Non-Stick Pan

Years ago we laid out a bunch of money on name brand non-stick cookware (Calphalon). We’ve been traveling and hard on our non-stick pans so they are starting to wear and chip. Originally we bought non-stick because we were frustrated in the kitchen by traditional pans, we hadn’t been cooking long and we had a lot of trouble with things sticking. Since we don’t want to use the pans with the non-stick coming off and because of the chemicals that non-stick pans give off we wanted to change back to traditional pans.

We’ve been looking and finally decided to try with an 8″ pan from Cuisinart (MCP-2220) since it’s not a lot of money to risk and it would give us a chance to try out one pan before we sink a bunch of money into more. Since eggs are the most challenging for us we decided to start there. I found great instructions on how to make scrambled eggs and tried that this morning. To tell you the confidence my dear wife had in me she was already planning to eat out.

When we bought the pan the salesman let us know it would heat up a lot faster than we were used to and to use a lower heat than we normally would. Since I normally ignore sales people I found the pan ready to cook before I was ready with the eggs! The prep of the eggs went flawlessly leaving the finished product a little toasty but still delicious and the pan was spotless when I was done cooking.

I’ve learned that I can cook without non-stick and to listen to the sales folks at Kitchen Kaboodle. We’ll be using this pan all week while we try to decide if we can replace our current pans. It’s off to a good start for sure.


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